Hi, I'm Frank!
Full-Stack Developer
As a passionate and experienced full-stack developer with close to 4 years of proven expertise in Django and React, I thrive on building intuitive and scalable web applications. My insatiable appetite for learning drives me to explore new tech stacks for each project, continuously expanding my knowledge and skill set. At Beijing Majestic, I successfully redesigned their website, ensuring consistent software maintenance beyond the initial development cycle, thanks to my resourcefulness and unwavering problem-solving skills. Additionally, as a webmaster at CodeDevils, I led a team of developers, fostering a collaborative environment and overseeing rapid project developments. I am eager to contribute to a dynamic team and drive the company's success forward through innovation and dedication.
2022 (Ongoing)
This project comprised the creation of a React-based components library, a critical element of the CodeDevils website rewrite project. The library aims to fast-track development by offering pre-designed, pre-tested building blocks for easy integration into new projects, ensuring efficiency and uniformity. In this project, I led a team of three developers, designing new components using Lerna and StorybookJS. I assigned monthly tasks, provided support, and ensured our code aligned with the project's standards. I delivered timely updates to the club president and liaised with project leads from other teams to ensure our User Interface (UI) components accurately mirrored the club's brand. Additionally, I conducted extensive testing on multiple components to adhere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
2020 (Ongoing)
This project involved a complete revitalization of the company's website design from scratch, all accomplished within a span of six months. Utilizing the powerful Django framework and MySQL for the backend, the team and I implemented the new website design, ensuring we met the company's vision and goals. This was achieved through weekly collaborations with the client to align our design and development process with their expectations. Following the development phase, we deployed the web application through Alibaba Cloud's EC2 service using Gunicorn and Nginx as the web server tech stack. This process was completed within a tight timeline of three days, demonstrating our commitment to efficiency and timely delivery. Post-deployment, I supervised the web server's operations, leveraging Alibaba Cloud's monitoring software. This allowed us to maintain a smooth and efficient operation of our web application, ensuring uninterrupted service and a seamless user experience.
Phoenix, AZ
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